Monday, September 17, 2012

$145.22 worth of products for $20.29 oop@CVS!

Hello Savers!!

I had a wonderful trip to CVS tonight. I wish my favorite cashier was able to ring me but he was working the self checkout lane and my coupons never ring up correctly in self checkout so I had to go the register. Overall my total before coupons was $145.22 and after coupons my subtotal was $20.29.  $5.07 in transaction 1, and $15.22 in transaction 2. Also, please check the, as I do not "date sort" my coupons so I do not know the inserts that each coupon came from.


Here is what I bought:

Transaction 1
  • 1 Colgate Optic White manual toothbrush for $2.99, used $1 off product packaging coupon and got back a $2 ECB so it was $.01 mm.
  • 1 14 count Tide Pods, used $1 off coupon from a Tide Pod sample pack, paid $3.99 and got back a $1 ECB.
  • 1 Herbal Essence Shampoo and 1 Herbal Essence Conditioner, used 1/$3 off 2, and 1/B1G1
  • 5 Pantene Shampoos and 5 Pantene Conditioners, used 5/$1 off 2 and 5/B1G1, got back $20 ECB's.
  • 1 CVS Travel Size Facial Cleansing Wipes $1.49, used $2 Redbox coup, so a $.51 mm
  • 1 Physcian's Formula Nude Smokey Eye Kit for $10.99, used $1 off coup, and got back a $7 ECB.
  • 1 Arizona Iced Tea, no coupon, just because I was thirsty and I wanted one.
  • 1 Centrum Flavor Burst Vitamins, $8.99, used 1 $5 Redbox coupon, and 1/$2 manny coup
  • I also got back a $1ECB for using my green bag tag!
My total pre-tax (subtotal) was $15.22.  I did use $10.67 in ECB's and 5/$4 off $20 coupons. I got back $31 in ECB's!

Transaction 2
  • 7 boxes of Truvia sweetner at $2.99 each, used 7/$2.00 coups
  • 1 Individual pack of Fruity Pebbles at $.88, used a $.50 off Redbox coup, paid $.33
  • 8 packs of I D Gum at .99 each and used 3/B1G1 coupons...I had four, but I am not sure what happened to the fourth coupon, I will investigate this later...hmmm...did it get stuck to something in my purse?  Perhaps, it fell through the holes in my cart? Who knows...
  • 1 CVS Facial Cleansing wipes at $1.49, used a $2 Redbox coupon, so a $.51mm.
My pre-tax (subtotal) was $5.07, I used 2/$4 off $20 coupons and did not receive any ECB's back with this order.  Howerver, I did put $100 toward my Beauty Club total, so I should expect to receive 2/$5 Beauty Bucks very soon, making this a great CVS trip!!


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