Sunday, January 27, 2013


Oh my goodness, I am tingling with excitement!!!! BlogHer 2013 will be held at the Sheraton Chicago and McCormick Place from July 25-27, 2013 and registration is open now!!

Who's going with me????  From what I've been able to gather, this is an exciting, empowering, inspiring, and educational conference made up of bloggers from all over the world and not all of them are women as the name suggests.  Did you know that 10% of BlogHer participants were men? I thought that was a pretty interesting factoid.

BlogHer is one of the biggest conferences in existence and hosts panel discussions and classes on a wide variety of topics which include but are not limited to health, hair, make-up, food, coupons, education and so much more!! It is my understanding that you are bound to walk away with a wealth of knowledge, product samples, goodies, valuable networking, and an overall great time.  I've checked out flights and hotels and have enclosed some information below. 

BlogHer 2012 photo credit from the BlogHer website

Today (January 27th, 2013) round trip tickets to Chicago on Spirit Airlines are $312.  I would not delay! Luckily for me, my friend Cindy lives in Chicago and we've already been in touch, so it looks like it is going to be a fun time! Whooo hooooo, look out Blogher 2013, Rea of RPLCoupons is coming to town! Hmmm...time to start reading up on Oprah sitings :)!

BlogHer Home page:

Here is the direct link to the BlogHer registration information webpage:
BlogHer Registration Page

Flight and Hotel Information:

Friday, October 19, 2012

Why Do You Coupon?

I seem to get that question quite  bit and sometimes I am baffled by the fact that there are still so mny people that don't coupon.  Couponing has become a tremendous money saver for my family.  I began to coupon because each month, my budget was in the red and I was tired of it. I wanted a way to still enjoy activities and outtings with my daughters without worrrying about sacrificing essentials. Once I began to really invest some time, effort, and energy into learning the ropes of couponing, I have begun to see the savings.  With that being said, here is a picture of a small Rite Aid haul from Friday, October 19th, 2012:
This cost me .68, yup, you read that correctly...SIXTY EIGHT CENTS!!!
I bought 3 Skinny Cow candies using a buy 2 get 1 free coupon, 4 large Air Wick candles that were on clearance for $1.49 each, 1 Robitussin cough medicine using a $2 in ad coupon, and a $3 manufacturer coupon, and one Con Air Hair brush using a $2.00 in ad coupon. I also used a $7 store reward from Rite Aid! It is so exciting that stores like CVS, Walgreen's, and Rite Aid actually pay you to shop in the form of store rewards when you buy products from their stores, think loyalty program to the extreme!!  I absolutely love couponing!!! I never knew shopping could be this REWARDING, literally, rewarding!!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

CVS 9-30-12

Whew, I was quite relieved when the new PandG rolled out this Sunday with $1 off Tide coupons. My stockpile had become quite low!
10 bottles of Tide, used $1 off PandG 9/30 coupons
4 Febreeze Warmers used 2/$3 off coupons exp 9/0/12, and 2/B1G1 coupons from 9/30 P&G
1 Physcian's Formula Mascara, used $1 off PF coupon.
2 Venus Disposable Razor Pack
1 Mach 3 Disposable Razors Pack
1 Venus Razor
I used 2/B1G1 coups that expired 9/30/12, 1/$3 Venus Razor coup exp 9/30 and 1 $4 coup exp 9/30.
I also used a $10 off $50 that came out of the Redbox or Coupon Center in store. I used 4/$4 off $20 coupons, and 1 25% off coupon that was emailed to me.
I also used $30 in ECB's that I earned the previous week.
My subtotal was $4.60 and I got back a $5 ECB for the razors, a $20 ECB for the spend $30 get $10 promo, and a $7 ECB for the PF Mascara.
It was an awesome trip! :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Freebies so far...Week of 9/23/12

Rite Aid
Olay Regenerist Cleanser with a$7 in ad coupon and RA Gold discount = FREE!!
There are Olay coupons from the August 2012 PandG, I used 1/B1 Olay Regenerist and get 1 Cleanser free manny coupon. I also used 1/$1 coupon off any Olay product.
4 RA Hand Sanitizers @ $1 ea, get back $1 UP = FREE!
Accu Check Nano $9.99, use $10.00 manny and there is a $5 VV but my RA would not allow me to use it, even though you can stack a VV with a manny, however, using both would have exceeded the item price.
Ariziona Iced Teas are 2 for a $1 and you know how I feel about my Arizona Iced teas! :)

VV= Video Values available on
Manny - manufacturer coupon
RA = Rite Aid


Buy $25 worth of Advil, Dimetapp, Thermacare, etc and get back a $10 UP. I used RA in ad coupons as well as 2/ $2/Dimetapp printables, and $2 Advil peelies. I paid less than $6 and got back a $10 UP.
$2 Dimeatapp Printable (you must fill out the form first).

Schick Hydro Shave Cream $.98 each used $1 printables as well as $1 manny's = FREE!

Glade .99 ea, used 2/$2 off any Glade product printables = 4 Glade sprays for FREE!
Venus Razors $6.99 ea, used 4/$4 mannys, and a $4 off $20 coupon, paid $7.96 and got back $20 in ECB's.
 Print Glade coupon at

Monday, September 17, 2012

$145.22 worth of products for $20.29 oop@CVS!

Hello Savers!!

I had a wonderful trip to CVS tonight. I wish my favorite cashier was able to ring me but he was working the self checkout lane and my coupons never ring up correctly in self checkout so I had to go the register. Overall my total before coupons was $145.22 and after coupons my subtotal was $20.29.  $5.07 in transaction 1, and $15.22 in transaction 2. Also, please check the, as I do not "date sort" my coupons so I do not know the inserts that each coupon came from.


Here is what I bought:

Transaction 1
  • 1 Colgate Optic White manual toothbrush for $2.99, used $1 off product packaging coupon and got back a $2 ECB so it was $.01 mm.
  • 1 14 count Tide Pods, used $1 off coupon from a Tide Pod sample pack, paid $3.99 and got back a $1 ECB.
  • 1 Herbal Essence Shampoo and 1 Herbal Essence Conditioner, used 1/$3 off 2, and 1/B1G1
  • 5 Pantene Shampoos and 5 Pantene Conditioners, used 5/$1 off 2 and 5/B1G1, got back $20 ECB's.
  • 1 CVS Travel Size Facial Cleansing Wipes $1.49, used $2 Redbox coup, so a $.51 mm
  • 1 Physcian's Formula Nude Smokey Eye Kit for $10.99, used $1 off coup, and got back a $7 ECB.
  • 1 Arizona Iced Tea, no coupon, just because I was thirsty and I wanted one.
  • 1 Centrum Flavor Burst Vitamins, $8.99, used 1 $5 Redbox coupon, and 1/$2 manny coup
  • I also got back a $1ECB for using my green bag tag!
My total pre-tax (subtotal) was $15.22.  I did use $10.67 in ECB's and 5/$4 off $20 coupons. I got back $31 in ECB's!

Transaction 2
  • 7 boxes of Truvia sweetner at $2.99 each, used 7/$2.00 coups
  • 1 Individual pack of Fruity Pebbles at $.88, used a $.50 off Redbox coup, paid $.33
  • 8 packs of I D Gum at .99 each and used 3/B1G1 coupons...I had four, but I am not sure what happened to the fourth coupon, I will investigate this later...hmmm...did it get stuck to something in my purse?  Perhaps, it fell through the holes in my cart? Who knows...
  • 1 CVS Facial Cleansing wipes at $1.49, used a $2 Redbox coupon, so a $.51mm.
My pre-tax (subtotal) was $5.07, I used 2/$4 off $20 coupons and did not receive any ECB's back with this order.  Howerver, I did put $100 toward my Beauty Club total, so I should expect to receive 2/$5 Beauty Bucks very soon, making this a great CVS trip!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Just Teach - Help for a Non Profit!

Hello my couponing friends! I know how much we like to give back as couponers and for that reason, I am pleading with you to help out a Non Profit, that I volunteer for, Just Teach.  They help numerous children each year with special field trip funding, back packs and school supplies at the start of the school year, tutoring services, and innovative summer camps!
I need your help!! All you need to do is vote for them to receive a Chase Bank grant which will enable them to do so much more for the children in various communities should they become a grant recipient.  It takes 2 minutes of your time...maybe less.  If you are a member of the Facebook community, all you need to do is go the link below and click on the banner that says "Vote for" follow the instructions and vote.
Please share this with your friends and family members! Taking just a little bit of your time  might help a child gain an experience, needed supplies or tutoring and it won't cost you anything but a 120 seconds of your time!
:) Rea/RPLC

Direct Facebook Just Teach Link

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Week of 9-2-12

CVS 9-2-12

  • Shick Hydro 3 Razor $9.49, use $4 manny and get back a $4 ECB.
  • Buy 4 Glade candles for 2/$6 use $2 off 2 coupons from 8/26. Pay $8 and get back a $4 ECB, it comes out to about a $1 per box!
  • Gilette Fusion Hydro Gel Ultra Sensitive Shaving Gel $2.37 get back a $2 ECB. Use the $1 off printable from (I am not sure if this coupon is still available).
  • Bic Silky Touch Disposable razors coupons expire 9/2/12 they are B1G1 half off and the coupons are $3 off any 1 Bic Disposable razors.

Rite Aid 9-2-12

  • Nivea Lotion $6.39 with gold discount, $7.99 regular price. Use $2 Nivea lotion printable from and combine that with $2 in ad Rite Ad weekly ad coupon if your store allows more than one per person.  If not you will have to do separate transactions each time. My store allows me to use 4 in ad coupons for the same item in a single transaction. I bought 3 and it tracked $19.17. I still need to buy one more item to get my $10 UP Reward. I was told that the small tins are tracking, I will try this today.
  • Visine will work out to be $4.23 with the Gold discount and about .23 after the $2 manny and the Rite Aid in ad coupon.
  • Samy Fat Foam Hair Color will be totally free with the $5 pdf coupon and the RA in ad coupon  will be free without gold card status and will give you approximately $2 in overage if your store does not adjust the coupon down.
  • Revlon Beauty Tools combined  with the video values coupons makes for a great deal. The video value coupons expire today and would have needed to be printed prior to the 1st of Septmember.
These are just a few deals that I like for these two stores! Of course there are other goodies that may be of interest to you.  I will continue to post as I come across more goodies.